What I've Learned...Week 3

It is still surreal to me that we are in the situation we are in and a million questions of why come to mind but instead of thinking of the negative I have decided to let you know what I have learned from the last 3 weeks of staying home.

1. Family, they are everything to me. I wouldn't be able to do this without my husband. He helps around the house, helps with the kids, works so hard and truly loves us through all the stress. He is definitely the rock in our family. My kids have been amazing. They have come to understand what is going on so they get their school work done without too much push back and they have been playing really well together. I am truly lucky to have my boys and I hope everyone out there is seeing the good in their families and appreciating the time they are given to be with each other. Build each other up in this time of panic and uncertainty.

2. I grew up in the 90s where celebrities, athletes and singers were considered heroes and even though these are extremely talented people whom we love to watch and listen to are they really heroes? I love that my kids are learning the true meaning of hero, someone that will risk their life for someone else's. It's the doctors, nurses, first responders and all those essential employees who go out and do their job knowing they could get sick and possibly die. They put others before themselves and that is a true hero. Thank you to all those out their risking their lives to help end this pandemic, you are a hero in my eyes!

3. Being away from others seems to bring more people together. I connect with my parents, brothers, sister, inlaws and friends more often through phone calls, texts, social media and video chats now then I did before this. We seem to have time now for each other, even though we physically saw each other before it wasn't as often as it seems to be now. Houseparty and zoom are awesome apps to connect with groups of people at once and I have been using them often even with homeschooling. If you can, connect with others and see how they are doing, everyone is looking to chat with someone, spread some love!

4. Homeschooling. I definitely have more respect for teachers. They come up with some great activities and are keeping us moms in line when figuring out this whole homeschooling thing. My district has done a great job especially since the kids could take their chromebooks home. Their computer is connected through google so it is easy to share projects and papers with the teachers and follow a lesson plan. I definitely give them credit and I knew there was a reason I didn't want to be a teacher :). Thanks to the teachers trying their best and being patient with the parents!

5. Streaming, let's just say I am happy it is 2020 and we can binge watch shows and movies! Here is my list of must sees so far (no order):

Tiger King


Don't Fuck With Cats (it's little crazy)

Food Network Tournament of Champions

The Simpsons (my kids are obsessed)

Schitts Creek

John Wick 3 (watch the first 2 too)

Jumanji 2

6. Fitness. You don't need a gym to workout. Working out at home you have to get creative. Download an app, my favorite is FitOn (it's free!). Watch live workouts on IG, for example follow @joja. Take walks, go for a run just avoid people. Use things in your house as weights...full laundry baskets, cans, milk jug, anything with some weight. Get your kids invloved or take gym class with them. It's easy to eat and eat and eat while sitting at home but make sure you get in some exercise to stay healthy. Plus summer is right around the corner!

I hope you are all staying safe and enjoying this time even though it is very stressful. Please stay home if you can so we can help prevent the spread. Sending positive vibes to everyone!