Virtual Reality Review

Sometimes we just want a break from reality so what if we could go anywhere, be someone else or just turn off the world around us with a push of a button, would you do it? Virtual reality has been around for awhile but I feel like recently I have heard more and more about it. I was a little nervous about the whole idea of it but my husband was really curious so I bought him the Oculus Go for his birthday. The Oculus Go is a standalone virtual reality headset meaning all you need is a smartphone to download an app too and the rest loads right on the headset. Other headsets can be more complicated and need computers too hook up to or you need to put your phone into the actual headset to use it. I decided on this model after doing some research. First off I didn't want to go to steep on price but I also didn't want to get the cheapest one. For the first time using virtual reality I wanted us to get an actual feel for it before investing in a gaming computer and a more complicated, high tech set. These types of headsets can range from $350 and up (plus a new computer, unless you have the correct software/memory). The reason for the higher price is because you feel like you are actually part of the world you are in, there are sensors that come with these headsets so it senses what your body movements are and applies them to the reality you are in. Maybe our next upgrade we might try it but this time around I went more mid-level, but before I get to my review let's talk about the lower range sets first. You can find headsets for as low as $20 but these headsets ultimately use your phone for the virtual reality experience which means your phone will be tied up when you are using it for the sole purpose of virtual reality. Also the screen is flat so you may not get the same feeling as other more expensive headsets that are curved giving you a better optical illusion. Lastly I decided against the phone headset because there were so many mixed reviews and I wanted to make sure I got the best VR experience without breaking the bank.

So what did I get that got me screaming like a little girl? I purchased the Oculus Go from Best Buy. This headset ranges from $200-$250 depending on how much memory you prefer, 32GB or 64GB. The setup is pretty easy, pretty much you download the oculus app to your phone and from there you just follow the instructions to connect your wifi. Once it is setup you go through the oculus app on your phone to download apps to your headset. When you put the headset on it really transforms you into another reality. I swam with sharks, meditated and as you all saw fought zombies. Not only can you play games or have various parts of the world surround you, you can also connect Netflix and watch a movie. It truly does feel like you are in a different reality. I really enjoy putting it on and doing something I never thought I would do. The one thing I wish was a little more realistic is being able to see more of your hands and body actually moving. There is only one controller you hold unlike the more expensive models that have two controllers and the sensors which put you more into the reality. As for the first experience with Virtual Reality I am really happy with the Oculus Go and would definitely recommend it to first time buyers. Now the question is would you ever try it?

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