Virtual Baby Shower

It's a Vinkle (virtual sprinkle)! Yes a virtual baby shower is the new thing and thanks to my friend Katie for coming up with the word vinkle :) Together we put a shower together for two of our pregnant friends. Here are some tips if you are looking to do the same:

1. Keep it small, we had 15 people which seemed to be a perfect amount of people for zoom.

2. Keep it short. An hour virtually worked great! Also ad the time frame and link in the evite. We used and it is really easy to setup.

3. Have gifts shipped and displayed unwrapped. Watching someone unwrap gifts at a shower can be torture so virtually would probably be worse. Plus we have all seen the registry. If anything have one or two special gifts for them to unwrap in front of everyone.

4. We asked everyone to dress up a little since we have all been stuck home for months its nice to glam it up for a day...makes it feel like we were headed to a shower.

5. Ship decorations to the mom to bes house beforehand. You don't have to go overboard but it definitely adds to the festivities.

6. Remind everyone to bring a drink or even a little something to eat. I had a little champagne with cranberry juice since it was a brunch.

7. Setup a few games. We created 2 games on Google slides then shared the screen. First game everyone saw names and photos of celebrity babies then they had to name the parents. The second game was fill in the blank nursery rhymes. Each answer was a point and the top 3 with the most points for each game won a $5 amazon gift card. Gift cards are great because you can send them virtually. We also did a diaper raffle so after each person rsvpd we sent a size diaper for them to buy. If you sent diapers you got put in a raffle for a $40 target gift card. Games are great because they get everyone involved especially since it can be hard to have a conversation with multiple people on zoom. 8. Make sure the mom to be shows her bump! Yes we made our friends stand up so we could see their cute bumps.

9. Have fun! Enjoy your time virtually socializing. We may not be in person but we were together and that's what matters.

Happy Vinkle Planning!!