The Mom Trends

The Mom Trends...have you heard of them? Well it was probably more in the context of "mom jeans" or "mom hair" or...."mom looks." Typically when you hear that you think of something negative and not stylish which shouldn't be the case. How as moms do we change this and make "mom jeans" the thing to wear?

Majority of the time mom looks are for comfort, especially after having a baby. We have gained weight, nothing fits right so we go for baggy loose clothing sometimes resulting in a "mom mess." It is all in our choices and attitude. There is nothing wrong with baggy jeans but if you throw on a wrinkled top and dirty sneakers then you may get a mom fashion snub. Plus there is no way you are walking around in that thinking "I am hot and I just pushed out an 8lb baby." Well guess what you should be walking around with that attitude because you created a human being and that is incredible in and of itself so let that pride and confidence show. If you can give off this confidence in a "mom sham" outfit then go for it but most of us tend to sulk and feel based on how we look so it is time to change this mom style shaming. How do we change it? Yes this may seem like another chore on your list of infinite to dos but how you look and feel transcends the rest of your day and a little confidence goes a long way!

How do we change this mom stigma? We need to make mom fashion a thing of today!

1. "Mom Jeans" Typically they can be higher cut or baggy and the rest of the outfit is a little messy so if you can't get rid of those jeans then update the rest of the look. Try a body suit (typically these don't wrinkle very easily), a belt and some cute sandals. Update the mom jeans with something that is trending today to make it fashion forward.

2. "Mom Shorts" Maybe short shorts aren't your thing and that is okay. Wear your Bermudas and Capris but pair them with a more fashion forward top and heels/wedges or if you want to show off those abs throw on a crop top. Everyone has a different body shape and we all have a favorite part so accentuate the areas that will make you feel more confident. Just because you're a mom doesn't mean you can't show a little skin!

3. "Mom Sweats" Do they still exist? Unless you are cleaning your house or going to bed the only "mom sweats" you should own are athleisure leggings! Athleisure is the trend and there are so many styles, prints, colors and fits available that every woman can find something she likes and is comfortable in. This is the perfect on the go mom look for doing errands, dropping the kids at school or of course going to the gym. It is fashion forward, comfortable and every woman should feel sexy in athleisure. plus if you are working out and you feel sexy in your look you will push harder!

4. "Mom Hair" I actually love mom hair because I always throw my hair in a bun or ponytail. The only difference is I brush it back so it is smooth and clean looking. It only takes 2 minutes in the morning to grab a brush and pull your hair back into a sleek bun, you go from "mom hair" to sleek and swept back.

5. "Mom Face" To me this means you look tired and old, even if this is the case we can do better. Makeup is not always an option in the morning and I go without it a lot but what I do is I make sure I take care of my skin. So when do I have time to do this, when the kids are in bed I go to my "spa" (bathroom) and I throw on a face mask, use eye cream and most importantly moisturize. if you take care of your skin then makeup is just an added bonus to enhance your natural beauty plus it's fun. If you had a long night of screaming kids then it is expected that you will look tired so throw on some tinted moisturizer that gives coverage, has spf and makes your skin soft. This one step in the morning is relatively quick and helps since most of us don't have time to do a full face of makeup. There are so many options today for a quick skin refresh so you don't look like a tired mama. Plus always remember while the kids are in bed a mom can do wonders for herself, for her house and for her husband :)

Being a mom doesn't mean we can't be a beautiful, confident mom. Yes we are tired and stressed but don't show the world that, show them what an incredible woman you are inside and out. Stop the "mom trend" of "mom shaming" by being an example of a mom who loves her children but also loves herself!

Be Confident. Be Strong. Feel Beautiful!

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