Spring 2020 Fashion Trends

The groundhog didn't see his shadow so it's time to start rearranging your closet for Spring! This past fall we saw trends walk the runway to prepare us for Spring so start your spring cleaning and do a little shopping while your at it. Fashion can define who we are and make us feel confident and beautiful so make choices based on you not everyone else. Here is a summary of what was on the runway this past fall so make Spring about you and try a new trend or two:

1. Mix and Matched Suiting. Layer blazers over printed tops and different colored pants. Vests are also in so add that extra vest layer for an evern trendier look. Layering is perfect for a cooler day but this reinvented suit look will keep you trendy yet refined.

2. Polka Dots. A lit dot here and there never hurt anyone, from pants to tops to dresses dotted looks ruled the runway. Pick the right size dot for your body type, too small may be too busy or too big might be overkill so try on your looks and make sure they look right on you.

3. Bermudas are back! Not capri length or super short but as most would think more "mom" style and just at or above the knee. Whether tapered or baggy the Bermudas are back in. Looking for chic, comfort then pick up a pair of trouser like Bermudas. Who doesn't love when comfort becomes a trend.

4. COLOR! Bam in your face neon is still rocking and doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Make a statement add neon top to a downplayed bottom or go full neon in a great dress. Don't be afraid to try something new and out of your comfort zone.

5. Bras! I don't mean the ones you wear under your shirt but they are no THE SHIRT. Yes it's time to get those abs in check because bra shirts are in style which means so are abs. Throw one on with some high wasted pants and a blazer for a sexy chic look that shows just enough.

Now it is up to you do you add new pieces, pull out some old ones or skip the trends all together and just do you? The runway is a guideline but it is our individuality that makes each of us unique and stylish in our own ways. Make Spring 2020 your season to shine.