Hello Spring 2019

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Every season means new trends but it doesn't always mean a shopping spree, even though adding a few new trend essentials doesn't hurt, instead it means spring cleaning. Yes time to sort through that closet and pull those pieces that will go along with the Spring 2019 trends because we all should have an array of looks from over the years so why not rework them into something you can wear now.

Here is your guide to Spring fashion while doing your spring cleaning:

Black and White Checks:

Colors that everyone can wear anytime day or evening but that check pattern gives you a little interest. Make sure to try on these patterns because sometimes large checks work for a certain body type and small checks work for others. Always try on before ripping the tags off because no matter how cute it looked on the model it may not work for you at all or if could be perfect. Clothing should make you feel like those models on the runway so always try and give your best "fierce" look when trying on to see if you're really feeling it.


The 60s are back and better than ever! Try a fun dress this spring with lots of fringe, who can't resist spinning in a dress like that. If fringe on clothing is not your thing then check out the fun shoes where this trend is being added. No one ever said to not apply the trends to your accessories. Accessories enhance your outfit so if some of the crazy trends are not your thing then just add a touch by choosing some fun accessories.


Butterfly prints were all over the runway and who doesn't love watching the butterflies in your yard or at the park. Their unique beauty is a perfect trend for spring. Lot's of color and found on everything from blouses to athleisure to even jewelry. Fly away this spring in some beautiful butterfly looks.

Scarf Print:If butterflies are not your print of choice then check out all the scarf print looks. It pretty much looks like a paisley/floral print. From dresses to blouses this print screams spring. Perfect for a special occassion or nice evening out scarf prints are a pretty, fun, girly look that anyone can pull off. This trend has been around for awhile so look through those closets or pick up a new top in a different, scarf-like shape. You can never go wrong with floral/paisly and spring.

Bright Colors - (Neon):

Stand out in a crowd this spring (or blend in since this is the trend)! Bright neon colors of yellow, pink and green are all the rage and you probably have seen a lot of celebrities already sporting this fun trend. There are so many neon options to choose from this spring and it is something you may not be able to pass up because it is also transitioning into summer, yes...bathing suits. Color has and should be embraced by all because when you throw on a bright tee and the sun is shining it is so uplifting. Nothing can go wrong when your wearing a stand out bright neon outfit!

White Suiting:

For all those business women or someone looking for a more structured look, suits are in and this spring is all about the white suit. Whether it is a pant or skirt suit try it out in white and layer a bright color underneath to spice it up a little bit. White on white is such a great look and also it doesn't go out of style so pick up something new or find that white suit you have been hiding in the back of your closet.

Trends come and go and fashion is all about making you feel more confident so wear what you feel best in not just what is on the runway or what people expect of you. Be confident in your looks this spring and love the woman you are!

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