Reusable Fashion

I came across an article on Moschino's plastic dry cleaning bag dresses designed by Jeremy Scotti. As shown, they look like a clear dry cleaning bag you get from the dry cleaner so this gave me an idea why not make a line of reusable clothes from everyday things. Moschino may be selling this dress for $735 but my designs cost me nothing (because they were found in my house)...what do you think?...

Reusing what you already have is not only budget friendly but helps the environment. Some of my other looks include garbage bags made into pants and skirts, cardboard tops, shower curtain capes and blanket dresses (super cozy). Sometimes a little creativity and walking around your house could give you the look you want. I love when designers go out of the box, creativity is so fun!

(from left to right)

Annie's carboard top with black bag capris.

Paper bag vest, bag bralette and skirt.

Shower curtain cape with toilet paper holder hair tie.

Blanket dress with Thomas pillow case accent.

Sometimes you have to envision color and not just black and white, think beyond what everyone else sees as normal and try something new. Trends happen because people create things that are out of the ordinary, get out of that box and try something new.

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