Red, White or Blue? How To Dress For The 4th!

What to wear? What to wear? Don't we constantly ask ourselves this question, well this year for the Fourth of July think ahead. The color scheme has already been chosen for you which makes it easy enough, but maybe not because red, white and blue may not always wear well. If you don't plan on wearing something with the actual flag on it then go out of the box and have fun with it. There are so many ways to show your love for the U.S.A. and here are a few ideas:

1. Don't wear all of the colors. Wear all white or all red or all blue then add a few accessories or go makeup crazy with the other colors. A simple red dress would look great with white sandals and blue nails or try a breezy white frock with blue sandals and red lips. If that still doesn't work with you then work together with some friends, one wears all red, one wears all white and one wears all blue...just make sure you are all at the same party :) Be creative even if you only wear one of the colors.

2. If you really want to show your patriotism then find some fun tops in the red, white and blue spectrum. There are some great prints you can get in red, white and blue that are trendy and don't only have to be worn on national holidays. A great printed top with jean shorts or capris is the perfect trendy casual look for a July 4th party. Always feel comfortable in what you are wearing so if prints suit you better than solids then find something that has a patriotic feel but may also have other colors or a fun print to it.

3. Lastly, don't forget about the accessories. Maybe you are a person who always wears black then spice it up with some blue and red jewels or bright red pumps. Red, White and Blue does not have to encompass your whole outfit instead you can add splashes here and there just to get that patriotic effect.

In the end this holiday is about our independence so celebrate our country whether it is through your outfit or just going to see the fireworks with your kids. Make it a happy day and feel beautiful in whatever you wear!

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