New York Fashion Week Fall 2018 Trends

Jeremy Scott

As NYFW came to an end this week we got a glimpse of what is in store for Fall 2018. Yes, we are already talking Back to School even though we haven't gotten through summer but ladies now is a great time to learn the trends so you can start pulling out your old clothes from the 80s and 90s because the designers have spoken and everything from neon colors to plaid and even fanny packs are back in style for Fall 2018! So here is my recap and some tips when it comes to recreating these runway looks and incorporating them to real life:

Alexander Wang

1. COLOR - This fashion week seemed like one of the most eye catching to me because the bright, neon hues of every color of the rainbow were ELECTRIC! Designers included color on every piece from coats and suits to dresses and pants and even down to the stockings. Color is the way to go this fall. Now, most of us seem to head to the blacks and browns as the temperatures begin to drop (myself included) but this fall it is time to add some color. If you don't want to be in full neon pink as shown in a lot of the collections then try to at least incorporate it as a pop of pink along with your black attire, now is a good time as any to brighten up fall. However, one designer did stand out against the rest in regards to using more black then color. Alexander Wang seemed to create a "Matrix" inspired line with pops of color here and there but more head to toe black on black looks including the sunglasses so if color is really not your thing then Alexander Wang is your designer for fall.

Brandon Maxwell

2. FABRIC - Now color was a very noticeable part of the week but how they used color on multiple types of fabrics made every collection so much more fun to look at and I am sure to wear! Fur was all over fashion week (faux of course) and it was in colors you would never imagine fur would be in. Now for everyday wear this may seem extreme but if you want to run with the trends look for faux fur colored scarves if the full coat seems a little extreme for everyday. But, if you are going out on the town definitely make your mark and get that fun coat (hey you only live once). Besides fur we saw velvet, satin, silk along with hints of metallic designs. Each of these beautiful fabrics screamed take me back to the 80s because of those neon colors. Playing with fabrics can be a lot of fun. Most of us probably have a wardrobe filled with cotton, polyester blends and denim but don't be afraid to add velvet or silk to your closet. These types of fabrics give your style a little more dimension plus they are super comfortable so if color is not your plan to add to you wardrobe for fall then grab some neutral pieces with some texture.

Michael Kors
Tom Ford

3. PLAID - I have to say I love this trend even though all I can think of is Alicia Silverstone in Clueless in her full yellow plaid suit, I mean who would wear that now! Well plaid suits are BACK and in COLOR! They are so much fun and such a bold statement and yes you can pull it off. I ask myself that question all the time, can I pull this off? Well get that question out of your mind because that means you care about what everyone else is thinking about your outfit. Instead put on what feels right to you and enjoy the trends as they come because eventually they will go again. Now if you really think this trend is too over the top for you then just buy the blazer, again add a pop of color on top of a simple black pant and tank. Fashion week doesn't make the rules it just shows you the trends it is up to you to create the look that's going to help you stand tall and feel good about yourself.

Tom Ford

4. ANIMAL PRINTS - If plaid is not your print then check out the animal print collections or try both as some outfits include both prints. I don't think animal prints ever go out of style because the can look super chic or super fun. This year they are leaning more towards the fun realm because again they are in COLOR (are you seeing the trend yet). Animal prints go with any look and anyone can pull them off so pick up a cute cheetah print top and pair it with some denim or black pants because it is something you can wear anywhere. If you want to take it to the next level try the animal print tights, these would be great for a party under a simple dress.

Marc Jacobs

5. SILHOUETTES - A few silhouettes stood out to me this year. First, the crop top, it is here and it is staying through fall so get working on those abs! Second, playful tea dresses seemed like the new "boho" wear. These dresses were in more muted colors with floral prints and flowing cuts. Some had a more dramatic feel with a corset around the waist, a little victorian-esque. Lastly, for those working girls, oversized coats and skirted suits ruled the runway. The big shoulders and bright colors felt like 80s suiting all over again with that modern twist. There were a variety of silhouettes to fit all body types so this fall don't worry if you don't look like the model walking the runway because designers have begun to take all curves and silhouettes when developing these lines.

6. ACCESSORIES - Earrings, scarves and fanny packs O MY! As models walked the runways with shorter hair their ears stood out. Giant hoops, dangling metals and more; earrings are definitely making a statement this year. Scarves had different shapes and matched the brightly colored oversized coats adding to that take on the 80s with a modern twist. Finally, they are back and they are super cute...FANNY PACKS! They seem like an iffy trend but designers have taken this 80s trend and made it a great one for today, they are sleek and stylish. Plus, this is a mom favorite, you can hold the baby without worrying about a large bag on your shoulder. Accessories are always an easy add on to any outfit so if your closet is full of simple looks then jazz it up with accessories to add a little pop.

Marc Jacobs

So what do you think of this fall's newest trends? To me designers are artists and as a woman I am their palate. They think out of the box to reveal our inner beauty but it is up to us to make their designs come to life. When shopping this fall buy what gives you that extra boost of confidence or just makes you feel better about yourself because clothes are a reflection of who you are. Happy Shopping!

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