The Mom Gift List

The month of May is a month of giving and receiving for me. First there is Mother's Day on May 13th, then May 25th is Moms That Should Model 2 Year Anniversary and then my birthday is on May 29th. Since May is a month of celebrating for me I thought instead of telling you what to buy for that mom in your life I am going to tell you a list of things that I would want as a mom. Hopefully this gives you ideas for your mom or you can go the easy route and just ask. Yes we all love surprises even if we say we don't but sometimes going the practical route and just finding out what someone really wants or needs just makes sense. Plus, it is a win win for all, money wasn't wasted and mom is happy...that is the goal for Mother's Day...MAKE MOM HAPPY!

Typically when I ask for gifts I usually want something practical and that I will use, for example....

1. The Instant Pot. First of all I enjoy cooking but I usually don't have a lot of time so this pot would be a perfect addition to my kitchen. Second, I have heard great things about it from friends (yes actual friends, not reviews on the web). Lastly, my top to my crock pot broke so I need a replacement and this is not only a pressure cooker but a crock pot too. (

2. Firepit. We have a firepit set but the bowl rusted through so I would just need a new bowl. We love having fires during the summer and making smores. It is so relaxing and gets us outside and away from watching tv. This would be a benefit for the whole family. (

3. A New Toilet. I am crazy but my master bath has an old blue toilet and I am over it. I just want a white toilet. If it were self cleaning that would be amazing but just a plain white toilet works for me. I think practically, why spend money on something your not going to use plus this benefits my husband too :) (

So those are some practical, useful choices but there always those fun gifts I would love too...

1. Shopping Spree. I love to shop and typically I would prefer to buy my own stuff since I like to try everything on. Plus with every new season there are new trends and for summer I would love some new bikinis and shorts. Sometimes mom needs mom time and shopping can be therapy, well at least for me it is, so just some time to myself to shop just for me would be nice.

2. Jewelry. Truthfully I don't wear a lot but my husband picks out the perfect pieces so whenever he surprises me with a necklace or bracelet I always love it. Sometimes I think men have it easy in this regard because picking up a sparkly gift will usually get a smile out of that special woman in your life. If I were to get a piece this year I would want something with my kids initials on it.

3. Yoga Lessons. I love going to the gym but taking classes is really hard to fit in my schedule and I really enjoy hot yoga classes. If I were given this as a gift it would force me to get to the yoga studio and practice my splits and handstands.

Surprises, since most of us will go this route when buying a gift...

1. Art. Anything my kids make for me is the best gift. I have gotten paper flowers, jewelry, cards and so much more for them and they are so special. It is that little something that comes from the heart and it makes the kids light up when they give it to you.

2. Breakfast In Bed. Nothing beats sleeping in late and waking up to pancakes and coffee with your husband and kids. Sweet gestures like cooking or doing the laundry or doing something mom always does goes a long way in my book. I love checking off chores especially when I get a break from them.

3. A Day Out. Celebrating Mother's Day and doing something as a family like going to a park or zoo or taking a ride into the city to wander around is so fun and makes lasting memories. I would take spending time with my family and doing something over an actual gift any day. For my birthday I would actually like to try out a new indoor skydiving place that just opened by us, ifly, something exciting and fun that the whole family can do.

In the end buying a gift for someone is about the thought behind it so don't over think it and buy from your heart or make it easier for everyone and just ask! Don't forget moms sell stuff too so support other moms when buying gifts this year and check out The Mom Shop which has so many things like jewelry, makeup, skincare, fashion and more. HAPPY SHOPPING!

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