Mom Chat with Xandrea

Hello, my name is Xandrea. I am from Pasadena,CA . My husband and I have been married for sixteen years and we have two children. Some of my hobbies are reading, shopping, event planning and modeling. I love to stay busy.

1. What does being a Girl Boss mean to you and how would you motivate other moms to be Girl Bosses?

To me it means taking control of your destiny and not being afraid of the greatness that you’re supposed to put in the world

2. What is Kollectin, how did you become a part of it and if others want to join the team how would they?

Kollectin is reinventing fashion retail for the age of social media. Our vision is simple: to create a social application where contemporary designers can continue to thrive and be discovered, with the support of individual influence. A place where fashion matters, especially to those who love its diversity of expressions.

They can join at

Invite code : xgaray20

3. Who is your favorite designer/brand and why?

I’m obsessed with Batani-Khalfani. I met her a few years ago. Then I saw her on TV on Project Runway. A few years later I’m now modeling for her. I love her designs because they are original , for every size woman, and colorful.

4. As a model what is one beauty tip you can share with other moms?

Don't ever sleep in your makeup. It will cause major skin issues. Let your skin breathe at night.

5. If someone wanted to become a model what would be your advice?

Start. Join FB groups, meetups, and instagram to get your profile out there faster and collaborate with designers for TFP( Trade For Print) to build up your portfolio.


6. One of Moms That Should Model goals have been to remind moms to find the positives in ourselves and rid ourselves of the negative, what would be your favorite aspect of yourself and why?

My favorite aspect of myself are my legs. They are long and lean . I love my legs because without them I couldn’t do half the amazing things I do in life.

7. What is your future goal as a model mom and influencer?

My future goals are getting signed to an agency, creating and expanding my brand, and collaborating with more companies.

8. What tips do you have to help encourage moms to feel beautiful?

Be yourself. God only made one you and there is a reason why. Nothing is more sexy than confidence.

9. Spreading love has been Moms That Should Model motto. What's one way you spread love?

I love networking especially with Women. It doesn’t matter if we just met or have been friends for years if you need something I’ll try to help you or point you in the right direction.

10. If you could "be" one article of clothing, which one do you feel best defines you and why?

A dress because they are all shapes, colors, and sizes.

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