Mom Chat with Jodi Barrett

Introducing, Jodi Barrett, a mom of three who likes kettlebells, mauy thai, kickboxing and goofing around with her kids! 1. Being a fit mom, what is your biggest challenge and what can you tell other moms to help motivate them to get fit? Biggest thing I think is Mom Guilt. Taking time for yourself is hard when you have kids but know that a happy healthy mom is what they need. Often if I haven't trained my kids will look at me and say "go train" as they have learned that it makes me a happier mom! 2. What is Kettlebell Kickboxing, how did you get certified and how can we learn some moves?

Kettlebell Kickboxing Canada is the Russian Kettlebell fused with Martial Arts Motion! It allows you to train cardio, strength and mobility in one program and its FUN!! 3. Who is your favorite designer/brand of workout clothes and why?

My favorite brand is Lorna Jane! They have great patterns and I love how the support in the sports bra tops don't move around! Also they put a little heart on the inside of their clothing... adding a Little Heart To Everything They Do- I LOVE THAT!!! 4. Your healthy lifestyle is so motivating, how often do you workout and what do you suggest to others when starting their fitness journey?

Thank you. I train 6 days a week and my day off is usually play day with my kids, walking, wall climbing or at the play park! I always tell people they just need to start! One step at a time and it is why when I build my Online Training Program I designed it so you can build what you need. I have 2 minute complexes and 15 minute workouts. I did not want anyone to feel stressed that they couldn't finish a whole hour. I want you to feel success because by starting getting active you are taking control to healthier you and that is ultimately SUCCESS! 5. Which kickboxing workout can be done at home for moms with limited time?

You can log on and train online at It shows video clips with a description of what to do and how to modify and progress yourself and if you are just learning they have Kettlebell 101 Library for you to learn! Or you can train our ABSolute ABS program where a $1 of every purchase goes to Mental Health. Strong Mind ~ Strong Body 6. One of Moms That Should Model goals have been to remind moms to find the positives in ourselves and rid ourselves of the negative, what would be your favorite aspect of yourself and why?

Great question.... I love that I can always find a reason to smile. I love that my smile can connect with so many and I am always up to sharing a smile! 7. What is your future goal as a fit mom and influencer?

I have so many so I always have to pull back and remind myself to slow and focus:) A goal for me to one day have a class for kids that are about the whole self! Training is great for everyone but it is only part of it. It is why I say Strong Mind ~ Strong Body meaning to be strong you have to work on the inside as well as the outside! My goal for myself is to train more Kali and with my company is to build a stronger community of trainers that will get together once a year at a conference to help them with more education and personal and business growth! 8. What tips do you have to help moms encourage their family to join them on their fitness journey?

Find activities that everyone likes to do. Now I know sometimes this is challenging as kids have different ideas but maybe it will involve some one on one time which can be great because kids thrive when they get to shine!! Walks are great or anything that includes laughing! In reality I think kids love spending time with us and will do most any kinds of physical activity if you can make it fun! 9. Spreading love has been Moms That Should Model motto. What's one way you spread love?

I like to think I spread my love by giving people my time and attention and doing things that will make someone's day special! 10. If you could turn one junk food into a healthy snack what would it be?

CHOCOLATE for sure!!!

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