Meet The Mom Behind The Camera

Oxana Behringer is a mom of a beautiful 3 year old girl and a portrait photographer based in New Jersey. I had the opportunity to sit for one of her sessions and it was an incredible experience from start to finish.

(IG @oxana_behringer_photo)

My photoshoot experience with Oxana...

Prior to the shoot she had contacted me to discuss outfits and also show me examples of what types of photos she wanted to shoot. She was extremely prepared and her initial vision was beautiful. I packed up a variety of looks that would flow with her vision so in turn we could create a beautiful session. On the day of the photoshoot Ashley Rose Kolenc (IG @beautybyashleyrose678) did my hair and makeup. She transformed me from tired working mom to feeling like a modern day model. Throughout the shoot she would slightly change my look from modern to romantic to dramatic so each photo captured the style Oxana was going for.

What Oxana wants for you...

"I am here to create a photo session like you have never experienced before and to take the best photographs you have ever seen of yourself! I will take care of everything during that day so that you can have an incredible time and fun experience.

My mission is to show women their beauty and personality through my lens; to stop them from being their worst critic, and look at themselves with loving eyes honoring their age and body. This is such a transformational experience, because self - acceptance is the most important step towards discovering happiness.

I also love helping entrepreneurs to create their professional portraits that are so important for building their brand and online communication.

I am looking forward to welcome you in my studio and design a dream portrait session for you!

P.S.: Two personal notes

1) Remember: You are perfect now. Not 10 years earlier or 10 pounds less, but now. And I will prove it to you!

2) Do not worry about being photogenic. In fact "not photogenic" people do not exist. This is my job to guide you and make you feel comfortable in front of the camera!"

Are you interested?

Visit Oxana's website or visit my IG page and enter the GIVEAWAY going on right now (3/16/21-3/18/21, 5pm est). Yes, you can win a free photoshoot with Oxana!!