Spring Break At Home

This year the kids spring break was cut short due to the amount of snow we have had so they only have off Monday and Tuesday. We didn't plan a vacation this year so the kids will be attending school during spring break. Since they aren't getting much of a break my husband and I decided to surprise them with something fun this past weekend...Medieval Times!

Growing up my husband and I both enjoyed going to see this show and for my husbands 30th birthday we had gotten a group to go so for us to bring our kids it was so special. Medieval Times is a turn back in time where knights come to compete in jousting, sword fights and more. As the show is being performed in the arena dinner is served but you can only eat with your hands and on top of that the section you are seated in is colored to correspond with the knight you have to root for. This interactive show of eating and cheering was the perfect surprise for my 7 and 5 year old boys, as well as a great start to their shortened Spring Break.

First off we bought our tickets in advance off the website, and of course we googled for a coupon code to get additional discounts. I printed the tickets which ended up benefiting us because most of the people in front of us had the tickets on their phone and there are two seperate lines. I guess going green is great but if you want to move up the line quicker print the tickets. As we checked in we decided to upgrade for an additional $12 each to VIP. VIP allows you early access into the show, 1st and or 2nd row seating and a free banner to wave. For $12 I would do it again especially since we cut the crowd again to be seated first.

After you check in you get to take a family picture with the queen which will later be sold to you at your seats. Prior to the show there is a large open area where you can take more pictures, grab a drink at the bar (yes alcohol is served), purchase memorabilia and sign up and pay to get knighted if you wish to do so. Doors had opened 75 minutes prior to the show so we did get there early to enjoy this area and take pictures. Once we were called into the arena and seated we were served tomato soup, garlic bread, chicken, corn, potatoes and for dessert lemon pound cake. There are no utensils to add to the atmosphere and bring you back to medieval times so be ready to eat with your hands. As we ate the show began with horse tricks, a falcon flight, an introduction to the knight you were routing

If you are looking for a medieval times in your area (it is not just in NJ) check out their website at: https://www.medievaltimes.com/

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