As I slammed a pie in my husbands face tonight for his birthday it reminds me why this is the man for me. He has a sense of humor and laid back personality that I get. He knows the exact time to lay on that kiss or be romantic. He works hard for his family and does his best in every job or task he takes on because he knows its to benefit us as a whole. Plus so many other things. Yes, he has all these amazing qualities and I love him more and more everyday but that doesn't mean marriage is all butterflies and rainbows (even though he is). Marriage takes patience and understanding and most of all love for one another.

Most people would think we got married young, I was 24 and he was 26, but for us it was the perfect time. We had known each other in college where we had an on and off love and hate type of relationship but once we hit our stride its been going strong for all these years. We found that everyday life whether it be family, friends, kids or careers could cause bumps and bruises along the way but it was up to him and I to find our path and work together in this thing called marriage to be happy and make it work because that was our promise to each other. We promised never to break promises so whatever came at us didn't matter because we were and are a team. Marriage is not easy but if you work through the drama and realize that other person is your support, your everything and nothing or nobody will change that then you will have a chance at succeeding. You always fight for those you love and you always choose love because love is happiness and we all deserve to be happy.

Happy Birthday Jeff, I love you with all my heart and soul and I could not imagine this life without you ❤

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