Fall Fashion 2019 Trends

New York Fashion Week has begun but before we see what spring 2020 will be let's revisit what the fall trends were during the last fashion week.

Fabrics: Heavier fabrics like velvet are back and shown in dresses, pant suits and more. Get the cozy yet classy feeling in something velvety this season. Looking for something more casual try head to toe denim but make sure you mix those denim colors to give your look some dimension.

Everyday Wear: Ath-leisure is a trend that is here and not going away but this season it is getting dressed up. Going from an event to the gym then get in your gym clothes but throw on a blazer and some boots to complete your casual to chic look.

Color: Fall is not a season of brights all over but instead adding a pop of color to simple elegant looks is the way to go. Try a black and white top and bottom but throw in those hot pink shoes to spice it up. No need for all over color but a little spritz is always nice.

Prints: Flowers everywhere! You may be in fall and feel flowers are for spring but this year bright flowers with a dark back drop is the way to go. Plus a splash of color is fun for fall, time to put away the neutrals and embrace color.

Layering: Don't shy away from dresses this fall instead pull out a dress and throw on a sweater over it for that feeling of spring but warmth of fall. Add some boots to really get those dresses fall ready.

Pick out clothes and follow trends that make you feel more confident in yourself. Fashion should depict who you are and how you feel so get creative and love the look you're in!

Happy Fall!!

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