How YOU can help Mother Earth...

Everyday we are bombarded with information on how our climate is changing due to how we treat our planet but we rarely hear about the ways we can contribute to helping change these effects besides voting on regulation or voting for certain candidates. Today on Earth Day let's do our part to not only help our planet but to help our own bills and efficiency. Here is a list of ways you can help:

1.­ WATER. Turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth and washing dishes. Wash your clothes in cold water. Fix any leaks. Each drop of water consumption will not only help our world but will also lower your water bills.

2. ELECTRIC. Today energy efficiency is a priority to businesses and homes in order to reduce greenhouse emissions. Appliances, electronics and even lightbulbs are more energy efficient so updating these things in your home will not only help prevent over emissions but it will help save you some money.

3. AUTO. Give your car a break. Take a walk to school or the store, ride a bike or if you have to drive carpool with others to reduce the amounts of cars on the road. Even by taking a break from driving one day a week you will be making a difference. If this does not work for you then when planning on investing in your next car check out the electric car options. All of these things can also help your overall health, walking everyday can improve your health and reduce the amount of pollution you emit. 4. RECYCLE. You may not go as extreme as I did with my crazy clothes but by putting your paper and plastic aside to recycle you are reducing the amount of pollution. When grocery shopping reuse bags instead of paper and plastic. When shopping for clothing find brands that use recycled material. For your morning coffee bring your reusable mug to get filled instead of using styrofoam. Every little bit counts and there are plenty of ways to recycle today.

5. HOME. Clean your air filters so your system doesn't have to work overtime. Get a programmable thermostat so you aren't wasting energy when you aren't home. Turn off the lights when you leave a room. Unplug appliances that are not being used. These easy tasks will create a more energy efficient home saving you time and money in the long run.

This planet is our home and just as you want to keep your house clean and in order it is important that our entire home is kept the same way. You and I can help with such simple tasks that we do everyday. In the long run your wallet will benefit and so will our planet. Many may say we have to cut out all meat which can be good for some but the simple tasks I listed are not extreme and if the world community contributes then we all benefit. Make a pact to be more conscious of our everyday tasks that will help the Mother we all live on.

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