Mom Chat with Destiny Kohlman

1. Tell us about yourself. Name, where you are from, what you do, how many kids you have, etc.

My name is Destiny Kohlman formerly known as Destiny Anderson, Bitchin Des or Des. I am from a small town in Oregon called Roseburg. I am currently living in Eugene, Oregon home of the University of Oregon ducks; also where I attended school. I graduated in 2015 with a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a minor in Child Development. I now work part time as a Behavioral Support Specialist for youth. I love what I do but I also struggle because I am not blogging nearly full time. I am also a mama full time. I am a mom to one and her name is Kamille. She was born in Sept of 2016 so that makes her around 18 months right now. She changed my life ins o many ways for the better. She really is my everything. 

2. What challenges have you come across as a mom? What did you do to overcome this?

I think honestly my biggest challenge is overthinking the overuse of peoples opinions they decide to lay on you. How they did it versus how you are doing it and the judgment that it comes with. I consider myself to be a good mom, I am very very particular with the way I do things so I think for me; its my OCD that gets in the way of my emotions and overthinking what other people may be thinking. I know that seems silly but Kamille was such an angel, I never struggled with breastfeeding, sleep routines, introducing new foods, skin irritations, you name it. We worked together for everything to remain perfect as she was an infant. Perfection and comparison for me I guess you could say was my struggle. 

3. Tell us a little bit about your blog and what you like to write about.

So I started my blog when I was pregnant with Kamille. As a way to document my journey, products I use and fashion go-to's in pregnancy. Now I use it as an outlet for marriage, being a mom, struggles I face and of course fashion and beauty. Its a wide range of things but it's all my lifestyle passions in one, 

4. As a blogger what advice can you give other moms looking to start a blog?

Keep at it, don't give yourself deadlines, write from the heart, don't let other peoples opinions deteriorate what you are passionate about 5.  How are you utilizing social media to help your blog? 

At the moment Instagram is my biggest outlet for showing my blog content. It's a dog eat dog world though. It's so hard to grow and keep people engaged. Being fresh, new and trying to be different while also being yourself is working out the best for me. 

6. What is your favorite mom activity and why?

Dancing in the living room just her and I. Gives us freedom to be silly and wild. Dance like no ones watching. Kamille's love for music is amazing. 

7. I believe we all have to look at the positives in ourselves and rid ourselves of the negative, what would be your favorite aspect of yourself and why?

I think if were to really think about it I would say my drive to always be better and try new things. I am my own biggest critic so trying to find the positives in myself is actually hard for me. Taking compliments is hard. But, remaining humble and confident are key to success. 

8. What is your future goal as a mom, blogger and influencer?

To eventually work in my own office, have a true brand for myself, a large social media following to inspire others. Have companies that are interested in collaborating, sponsoring or advertising for me that I actually am interested in. Big goals. As a mom, to continue to work on myself and patience. To always say 10 or more times a day and show how much I LOVE HER. and to make sure she knows she is my absolute biggest priority. 

9. Spreading love has been my motto lately. What's one way you spread love?

Compliment others, be there for them. Share and spread good vibes. Show ones that you care about that they can fully in trust in your loyalty. Advocate for things you are passionate about. Share your story if you've experienced trauma. Small acts of kindness all day everyday. 

10. A fun question, if you could take a trip anywhere where would it be and why?

Absolutely Greece. I would love love love to visit, see the culture, experience the life and of course drink some wine. 

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