Bra Fitting Season

The holidays are filled with events which means it is time for Mama to look good! Yes we need to shop for a great dress, figure out the perfect hair and makeup and of course we can't forget about the shoes but sometimes there is one simple thing that can ruin an entire look...your bra! If your bra is too tight this may mean unattractive, squeezing cleavage, if it's too loose you may bend over and show the party a little too much but when it is perfect there's a smooth line and just the right amount of cleavage making you look seamless and sexy. So how do we make the holidays easier on us when it comes to getting dressed?...Get Fitted!

1. Evaluate Yourself! First start with getting undressed, stand in front of the mirror and check out that cleavage. Is it squished, is it uncomfortable, is it falling out, is it the same bra you have been wearing for the last five years? If you said yes to any of these questions then it is time to figure out what size your bra really should be.

2. Try an online quiz. One of the best things I did when reevaluating my bra size was I took a quiz. I saw an ad for Third Love and took their quiz; this short quiz gave me the bra size I wear now. My problem was that my bras always had extra space in the front so the chances of me flashing someone were a little high. Through this quiz I found out that I needed a larger cup size but smaller band size which is something I never would have tried myself. So if you are an online shopper then I highly recommend the Third Love quiz or googling a bra fit quiz and see what they come up with. It worked for me!

3. In-store measurements. If you have some shopping time to yourself then pop into your nearest lingerie store and have their sales associate measure you. I have found that this is hit or miss because a sales associate is trying to SELL the merchandise so before buying something make sure you try it on and are 100% happy with the fit. I went into a Victoria's Secret right after I finished breast feeding and decided to get measured since my size had changed so much from being pregnant to breastfeeding so I didn't know what size I really was. I was so focused on what the associate was telling me that I didn't trust my own feelings on how I looked or felt and ended up with a size larger than I needed. My advice is to make sure you are really happy even after you try it on. For example, throw your shirt back on to see how it looks, bend over and make sure nothing falls out, move around and get a feel for it before walking out of the store with the wrong bra. The way you feel is what matters most in the end so buy something that makes you feel confident and beautiful.

4. Fit matters but so does fabric. Silky, lacy, padded or wired. The make of every bra is different so even though one bra may fit right doesn't mean every bra from that brand will fit exactly like that. Padding changes your cleavage so if you need that extra lift then by all means get the padding because a smooth curve will give your figure that extra bit of sex appeal that will boost your confidence. If that extra padding pushes up too much this may give you that sluttly sex appeal look which could be what your going for or could be bad especially if your headed to a work holiday party. Besides padding the texture of fabric could kill an entire outfit. Lace has that bumpy texture so a tight shirt with a lace bra is not the look you want but if you are wearing something lacy or a thicker sweater then that lace underneath won't be seen but can boost your confidence. If you are feeling sexy underneath it all then it will show in your walk, in your talk and in your overall appearance. Pick bras based on what you wear over them and make sure you try them on!

5. Silhouette. Strapless, racer back, tshirt...there are so many types of bras and this all depends on what you are wearing over it. Everyone needs an everyday white/black/neutral bra these can pretty much go under a majority of tops. Also a strapless bra that fits well and doesn't shift. I find strapless bras the hardest to get right because the cups could stick out too far and it could drop if it's too loose so trying a strapless on is so important. What is great about a strapless is it usually comes with straps that you can throw on however you choose so you have one bra, multiple choices. Lately a lot of the dresses I have been wearing have been strapless and going without a bra just doesn't work for me so sticky bras are great. Recently I was having trouble with a sticky bra so in between the weddings mass and reception I stopped at CVS and picked up Heidi Klum's intimates wing bra and it was amazing! I danced all night and it didn't move plus it was only $20, can't beat a product that works and doesn't cost an arm and a leg! It never hurts to try a new brand or style but make sure it works for you.

As a woman our bodies are constantly changing especially when it comes to bra size. From puberty to being pregnant to breast feeding to menopause our breast size is all over the place so getting your bra fitted every few years or when you go through one of these stages will really make a difference to your overall look. Plus make the holiday season a little easier on yourself by picking up the right lingerie that will give you that boost of confidence and make you feel beautiful! Happy bra Fitting!

A Few of My Favorites:

Heidi Klum Intimates Wing Bra

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Push Up

SO® Lace Push Up

Victoria's Secret Sexy Illusions Strapless Bra

I am a store shopper when it comes to bras because I prefer to try them on but I have hear great things about Third Love (plus they have half size cups) and I am sure Amazon has an array of great bras to choose form.

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