Annie's Baby Shower

Annie and I

As motherhood begins with feeling those first kicks and watching your belly grow we find ourselves in a state of uncertainty and excitement. We celebrate this new life with family and friends to help us prepare for parenthood. Today I had the chance to meet and celebrate a mom-to-be as well as help out other moms and future moms. Annie a radio personality (and blogger) from Todd and Jayde's morning show on 95.5 plj put together a baby shower with NYC Mammas Give Back and Babyganics. It was an intimate event where men and women got to enjoy Eden Local's delicious food, enter giveaways and mingle. Each attendee was asked to donate a baby item to NYC Mammas Give Back, who help pregnant women and new moms in need of diapers, formula and other baby essentials. NYC Mammas Give Back walked away with a slew of items to give to these moms in need. I love how Annie tied her pregnancy into helping other moms.

Eden Local (NYC)

Becoming a mother is so full of excitement and uncertainty but is also such a private experience. Annie has opened up her life not only on the radio but at this baby shower where she allowed listeners into her life to wish her all the best on this new journey. She really embodies what I hope you get out of my blog: a woman who is passionate, driven and confident all while starting a family. I got a chance to talk with her about everything from our Marist College experiences and how we graduated the same year but never met to all things motherhood like our ups and downs of pregnancy. I look forward to hearing about her experience as a new mom and if you want to follow her journey check out her blog at

By creating an intimate event like this one it shows what 95.5 thinks of their listeners. They want you to be able to connect not only through listening but to actually meet with you and get a feel for who their listeners are. As a listener and attending events like this you feel more of a connection to the people who enter your lives every morning. I think it is great that radio stations make rhings like this happen.

I was so happy to be included in this beautiful time in Annie's life and I wish her and Sean all the best on their new journey into parenthood.

Thank you to Annie, Monk, NYC Mammas Give Back and Babyganics for a great day!


Annie and Monk

Me and My Hubby
Annie and Mary from Babyganics

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