As we continue to see acts of hate and violence in our world we also see acts of LOVE but the focus is on the negative. It is up to us to spread words of encouragement, positivity and LOVE. We look to our governments for assistance and help but sometimes things need to be taken into our own hands instead of waiting on something that may not happen. Everything is a work in progress and perfection is our goal but we can't get there unless we work as a team and function together and that starts with the simple thought of LOVE.

I lived a pretty "normal" life, grew up in a small neighborhood, went to school, was that quiet, naïve little girl who just followed the rules and did what she was told. As I went off to high school and college I got a little wilder and pushed out of my quiet girl shell. After school I went on to work in marketing, got married and had kids, nothing out of the "ordinary." After 33 years of living and witnessing various events I've grown into this thought of LOVE conquers all and we need to move forward in LOVE.

Although bad things have taken place since the dawn of time, our generation seems to be in a consent cycle of what seems to be never ending attacks, from Terrorists, Lone Wolves, Mass shootings, School Shootings and division like of which we haven’t seen in years. I can remember this feeling starting during the 9-11 attacks . Being a naïve teen living right across the river it was my first “where were you when” moments. My naive-ness was in full effect but was slowly disappearing as the thought of how different everyone is and how every culture has a different perception of what "normal" is. During this time we heard stories of the heroes, we stood stronger as a nation and would not let this effect who we were. We focused on LOVE, coming together to support one another during this awful time, it was the beauty of it all in the eyes of destruction. As they say time heals all wounds and in a time like 9-11 we do remember but we keep living and in the back of our minds we hope nothing like that will ever happen again but unfortunately tragedies happen and that feeling of confusion and helplessness repeats itself.

The years to come after my first son was born, were the years where school shootings were at an all-time high. As a new mother I was sick to my stomach that this could happen to innocent children. Why? I will never understand it. This hit me again when my son went to Kindergarten and he did his first lock down drill. He said "mommy it was scary we had to hide in the closet." I realized sending my children to school is not safe anymore, I never had this fear growing up, that feeling of anger and why do we have to live like this, why do our children have to be effected by this? So many questions but no answers just hope that it won't happen to us. My LOVE for my children is beyond words I would truly do anything for them and my husband and I re-enforce the need to find happiness everyday while staying positive and confident in themselves. We go as far of doing our best to teach the true meanings of words. HATE is a big one for us, this word is thrown around with little to no thought on what it actually means, hence why we find ourselves saying we HATE followed by insignificant, mild inconveniences which should warrant no more then ….That was mildly annoying, but whatever…by using the word HATE we tend to force ourselves to dwell on these mild annoyances limiting our ability to move on and brush things off. As for LOVE we tell them we LOVE them everyday.

I witnessed LOVE in a community three months after my second son was born. Super Storm Sandy hit NJ and the street we lived on got hit hard. During the storm the power lines were pulled from our house and lit on fire so we made a decision to run next door with our children in fear our house was going to light on fire. Our neighbors opened up their home to us, we didn't know each other very well just a wave hi here and there but when push came to shove they just knew we needed help, true neighborly LOVE. When we woke up the next day to see the damage we realized we were stuck. Trees had fallen throughout the neighborhood and we would not be able to get our car out to get our sons to a warm house. The entire street came out with chainsaws to start clearing away the debris, the DPW was busy so we came together to help each other in our time of need. I saw LOVE that day amidst the destruction. When we come together as one and show we care we all live a better life. These acts of kindness and generosity are the basis of what LOVE is so when someone asks to spread LOVE it can be as simple as smiling at someone or as big as saving someones life.

We are all here for a certain period of time so lets make it the best we can make it by living a life of LOVE.

My thoughts of LOVE and prayers are with those in Las Vegas.

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