New Year, New You!

A new year brings so many questions and so many wants but how do we process it all? As a mother time is always limited but that's one thing a new year tells us, is that we have been given more time, possibly a whole year to make a plan and be the person we want to be. Even though the future is uncertain and things can change in a flash we have to hope for more time and embrace the time we have been given.

First thing is first, look at our past what is it that is bringing us down? Is it the way we look, is it our job, is it where we live? Or is everything great the way it is? Once you figure this out you can move onto the today.

What can you do today that will make this "thing" better? For example, find that workout that you love or update your resume or keep doing what your doing but do it better. There are simple things that will help us make that next jump to reach our goal. A little bit each day will turn into something bigger. Most of all make a goal for yourself! The more you want to reach that goal the more you will find that time to do that task. Also, remove the I can't, I won't, I don't from your vocabulary and turn it into I can, I will and I do. Life is too short to keep waiting, make 2018 your year to obtain that goal and to be the person you want to be. 

My goal this year is to be able to do a split. I have wanted to do this for a long time but I didn't make it a focus. My plan is to stretch everyday until my body allows me to do a full split. I look forward to the day I post my first split for all of you to see. This may not sound like a life changing goal for you but for me its another way to be motivated to strive for a better me, resolutions are about "me" so don't be afraid and don't let anyone put your goals down.

Be confident. Be strong. Feel beautiful! 

To a 2018 filled with motivation and inspiration to be a better you! 

Happy New Year!

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