New York Fashion Week 2017 has come to an end so what are the final takes and what can we expect this spring? (see slideshow below)

The 90's have returned! Cropped tops, blazers, shoulder pads, bondage, bright colors and more. These trends now have a more modern twist for example Tom Ford used sleek lines and modern silhouettes but added sequins and shoulder pads which felt like a flashback to my childhood. Fashion is known to look at generations past and bring back those "crazy" trends but they take it to a whole new level we would not expect.

Sex appeal was everywhere, but that's not much of a surprise. From gorgeous form fitting gowns to straight up bondage looks the runway was full of skin and curves. Philip Plein rocked the house with leather strapped skirts, t-shirt dresses and a full concert on the runway. Helmut Lang also brought out sex appeal with a line that consisted of bra-like tops. Sex is here to stay and it definitely keeps the runway interesting. I say show some skin, feeling sexy brings out confidence so don't hold back.

The runway was definitely about the bang this year. Not only did Philipp Plein put on a concert with Future and Nicki Minaj but Rhianna brought the x games to NYFW at her FentyxPuma show. She changed the look of athleisure by adding fishnet inserts, corsets and even overalls! As bikers circled the runway, it was pretty clear Rhianna really knows how to put on a show.

Every season certain colors are shown in various tones but for Spring I felt like designers skipped spring and went right to summer! The bright oranges, pinks and blues were everywhere and shown in head to toe looks or in fun prints. Kimora Lee Simmons, Marc Jacobs and Michael ors all went the bright route. It's so easy to attribute certain colors to certain seasons but this Spring throw away the pastels and bring out the bright and bold!

As for my choice in who I would like to wear this Spring, it would have to be Brandon Maxwell. His ball gown skirts and bright colored blazers are looks that you could actually see yourself wearing. Every piece was made for the modern woman, even the modern mom. Silhouettes hugged all the right curves, colors made a bold statement and simple prints made just the right amount of noise. I loved every piece of his line.

As Carrie Bradshaw said in Sex in the City "Every year the women of New York leave the past behind and look forward to the future...this is known as Fashion Week" and as a girl from across the river in NJ I feel the same way. A designer works to create these beautiful pieces of art and as many of us we may never wear these gorgeous creations but these pieces are the trends which are then reflected in collections designed by retailers. As a consumer it is up to us to decide which piece of art to buy, to wear or to throw away and that art then defines how we perceive ourselves so don't take fashion week as just a bunch of models wearing over priced clothes because there is so much more to it.

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