Super Mom. Super Wife. Super Tired!

A mom takes on so many responsibilities that it can start to take a toll on yourself and everyone around you. So how do you find that balance mom life, wife life, work life and don't forget about MY LIFE?

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Here are a few tips I go by when the word tired overcomes every inch of your body:

1. COFFEE! I run on coffee, it may not be the perfect solution to exhaustion but it definitely gives me that jolt in the morning to get focused and be the list of "things" that I am.

2. WORK OUT. Just saying work out when your tired is exhausting but a quick exercise will get the adrenaline running, it is that initial get moving that's the hard part but when it's over you will be ready for anything.

3. PREPARATION. Doing things in advance can always help keep you organized and moving in the right direction. For example, if you have a vacation planned; write lists for packing, clean your house a little each day before vacation so you can come home to a stress free environment, plan any activities in advance, etc. Every little bit of getting something done everyday will result in more free time for you and the family instead of rushing and making yourself crazy and tired.

4. SHOWER! Jump in a cold shower and use some citrus scented soap to wake you up. A little shock to your body in the morning couldn't hurt.

5. NAP. This is pretty difficult if you have kids who don't nap or you work full time but sometimes even closing your eyes for 15 minutes can get your mind right. If your kids don't nap throw on their favorite show and lay on the couch next to them with your eyes closed for a little bit. If you work full time run to your car and take a break, close your eyes and rest. On the weekends make time for yourself so you can catch up on some needed sleep. Life is always moving but if your body needs a rest then sometimes you need to give it what it wants. 6. GET 8 HOURS IN! Look at your daily schedule, realize what time your going to bed and what time you are waking up. Pass on watching TV at night, try to get the laundry folded earlier in the day, get those kids in bed earlier, shower in the morning, every little bit helps so a little schedule rearranging could help add some much need sleep time.

We all have different schedules and crazy lives but we have to take care of ourselves and sleep is a must. Wake up refreshed and ready for everyday in turning making your kids, husband/significant other, co-workers, etc. happier. A tired mom is a cranky mom so be a rested mom making you a happy mom!

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