How To Shop For Dad!

As Father's Day approaches I start asking myself what do I get the dads in my life?!? If you ask them they usually say "nothing" but if I show up with nothing everyone in the room will give you that look, "she didn't bring anything that's her husband/father/etc."

So I have a checklist when gift shopping:

1. Interests - What are they interested in? Sports, Fashion, Cars, Landscaping, Movies, etc. This can help decided what stores to shop at. For example if they love football look at buying tickets to a game this fall or go to a sporting goods store and pick up a jersey of their favorite team. If they love movies take them to one or get them a gift card for future use. Once you have the theme you can move to the next step.

2. Stuff, stuff and more stuff! They always complain about getting too much of that one thing. I have too many t-shirts, too many ties, too many blah blah blah. Okay so if they don't want more stuff lean towards an event. Take them some place, create a memory together, family time is always something that is cherished. So what place do you take them to? Well go back to your theme...sports then a sporting event, cars go to a car show, movies take them to see one, history lover go to a museum. There are so many creative ways to give a gift and making that gift time together is fun for everyone.

3. Stuff...maybe they need more! It's always important to listen to what others are saying because people drop clues about what they like and want even if they don't mean to. For example my husband is always looking for socks (for some reason our house eats them) so in the past I have always added a pair of socks to the gifts I get him (for Christmas my sister eve got him sock-of-the-month club, these clubs are great ideas). When you hear frustrations it might help with future gifts, find things that will get rid of these frustrations. Just keep your ears open!

4. Make something! Are you crafty? If not there is always etsy. This is a great idea from the kids or grandkids. Arts and crafts make any parent happy. It shows their child's creativity and love.

5. Ask someone else! For gifts for my dad I always give my mom a call, she knows what he has too much of and what he needs or says he needs. Sometimes just picking up the phone and asking someone who is closer to them is a better way to get some good ideas.

Shopping comes with it's challenges but always remember it's the thought that counts!

Some More Ideas For Father's Day:


-Broadway Play

-Sporting Event




-Mini Vacation

-Beach Day


-Wine Of The Month

-Fruit Of The Month

-Shaving Club

-Sock of The Month

-There are so many, just google the theme your looking for and I am sure they have one.

Stuff -Tools

-Sports Gear

-Favorite Designer

-Gift Card to their favorite store

-Car Wash gift card (detailing)




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