Mom Is A Superhero!

The definition of a superhero is a hero with extraordinary powers. How does definition apply to motherhood?

1. Pregnancy. A woman's body is pretty extraordinary just in the fact that it carries a living being. It feeds it, gives it warmth and protection, and knows when its time from it to make its' presence. Pregnancy causes a woman to adapt to a new body, weight gain, tiredness, skin changes, breast changes and so much more in order to be a home for this child. This power never disappears from the moment of conception to the moment of a mother's death, she always makes sure her child is protected. SUPER POWER = PROTECTOR

2. Labor and Delivery. Not only does a woman's body change to protect the baby but it knows when it's time for the baby to arrive. Every painful contraction, every push to deliver this child is extraordinary. These moments make moms the strongest they will ever be for her own health and the child's she pushes through the pain to meet this new life. SUPER POWER = STRENGTH

3. Breastfeeding.The body is still changing in order to feed this new baby. A mom becomes their source of nutrition. Whether pumping or nursing a mom is always on call day and night to make sure their child is fed. Moms make milk a truly extraordinary quality. SUPER POWER = FOOD SOURCE

4. Multi-Tasking. Moms work, they clean, they cook, etc., etc. plus they take care of their child/children and typically all at the same time. Moms get things done! SUPER POWER = MULTI-TASKER

5. Super Senses. "Get that finger out of your nose," "don't jump on the couch"....moms have that extra sense when something is just not right. They have eyes in the back of their heads, super hearing skills even when the kids are in another room, can smell a dirty diaper a mile away and a simple touch makes every boo boo better. SUPER POWER = EXTRA SENSES

6. Best Friend. A mom becomes a best friend. The person a child confides in and believes in. They are a role model because mom was always their to teach them and protect them. When a child has their own family they also rely on mom for help to make sure their children see them as superheroes too. SUPER POWER = TEACHER

A mom is a superhero in her child's eyes through action and through love so wear that mom cape proudly because you earned it!

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