Instagram - A Positive Review

Today I read a NY Post article about how many people are becoming depressed due to social media. This is happening because they want what they see on these sites, even if the photos are retouched. People compare what others have to what they have and it's making them miserable. (Read article here). I have to say I see where they are coming from but as a society we need to look at the positive aspects that come from sites like Instagram and Facebook.

About a year ago I started my IG page @momsthatshouldmodel and since then I have gotten such great feedback from my followers. Whether they are commenting about how happy they are to be mom of the day or sending me a comment on one of my pictures it has definitely given me a boost of confidence and I hope it has for them too. As for all the celebrities, modeling agenices and other moms I follow I try to look at them as inspiration and motivation to build a better me because no one is perfect even if it looks like it from one picture. We are all human and have flaws and I think social media has begun to embrace this. Various accounts post motivational quotes, healthy tips, job opportunities and so many other positive things that are their to encourage and not destroy a persons ability to live.

We as a society need to realize we can say "no", "I can't", "I hate" or "that person has it all" and be completely negative making us depressed but it's up to us to change that point of view and look at social media as "yes", "I can", "I love" and "I can aspire to be the best person I can be"! So how do we transform this mindset of thinking we are not good enough?

1. Smile More! A simple expression of happiness will not only make you feel overly better but when others see a smile on your face they will smile back. It's infectious and it's the one infection this world needs...SPREAD THE DISEASE OF SMILING! Plus, everyone looks more beautiful with a smile. Post it, share it, just do it!

2. Accept that you are who you are and that's perfect in itself. We all have our own minds, bodies and lives and we need to embrace the people we are and are becoming. Don't let what you read or see make you think that's what perfection is instead look at it as a goal, as a way to say maybe I should go on vacation to that beach or I should wear that dress or let it motivate you to become healthier. Look at the positives not the negatives. We all want the best but it's up to us to make the best of who we are and what we have and be thankful for being alive. Let other's inspire and motivate not knock you down.

3. Change! If you are depressed and feel you have nothing to live for then make a change. Yes it's easier said then done but this is it, we don't know what happens when we die but we know time isn't slowing down. All we have is time and it's our job to make the most use of it. So go find that dream job, take a chance on a new relationship, post that picture you're not so sure about, take steps in a positive direction and follow your dreams. We have today, we don't know what tomorrow will bring so make a change for the better!

Live, love, laugh and be happy! Make everyday worth living and start looking at social media as a positive experience, a way to connect with others. Post what you feel, what you see, whats going to make you happy because we can't always question what others think. If I kept thinking about what my family, friends or others moms were going to think of me when I decided to do this I never would have and I would have missed an opportunity to help spread a little more love in this world. Keep an open mind and don't let others deter you from being the "perfect" you!

I would like to thank Instagram for giving me this outlet to show the world who I am and being able to provide a new outlet for moms to show their uniqueness and beauty.

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