The Mother's Day Gift List!

Moms are given one day a year to be celebrated and it all comes down to what do I buy to for the woman who gave me life or the woman who is raising my children, etc. well here are some ideas. While being an Instagrammer for the past year I have come across some moms and businesses that have great stuff and could be perfect for mom! Mothers Day is only a week away so make sure you get your orders in.


Clothes are never an easy purchase because everyone has their own sense of style. I say think out of the box when it comes to buying clothes. Pick something that they may want but may not want to buy for themselves...because it could break the bank or they have no where to wear it or whatever other reason they may give themselves. Just think about it, if you were given a shirt that you may never buy yourself it may give you more confidence, thinking well he/she thinks I would look good in this then maybe I need to expand my wardrobe a little more. So where should you shop? I found three great sites through Instagram that I love.

1. Mama Bird & Co. ( This shop sells super soft screen printed tees with the cutest sayings.


These are a perfect pick up for mom...

2. The Vici Collection ( This website is filled with great looks from casual to fancy and it's so easy to create a full outfit, including shoes and accessories. If mom needs a fashion up date this is definitely the site to shop! Just check out these great looks:

3. Jennifer Meyer Jewelry ( Looking for something extra special for mom, well they do say diamonds are a girls best friend and I love all the pieces in Jennifer Meyer's collection at Barney's. Whether it's a necklace, bracelet or earrings these will really make mom happy!


Skincare and makeup may not always be the easiest go to gift but if you have a mom who is a skincare fan then one of the following places might be the perfect way to go. Makeup is always a fun gift and picking up a palette of different eye shadows or an array of lipsticks could be fun for mom to mix up her look. Also skincare is not just makeup and every mom needs to relax so spa time with mom or a gift card for a day of relaxation may be just what she needs. Check out some of these great shops to get mom the perfect beauty gift:

1. Makeup Is Funny ( is a Younique makeup store by mom Trisha Miller. She carries all types of makeup and skincare products, even the tools to apply. Definitely check her store out and it's always great to help a mom out on her business. If you have any questions her IG account is @trishajmiller and don't miss out on Younique's offer below:

2. SpaFinder ( Looking to get mom a day of relaxation well it can't get any easier than this. Purchase a gift card right off Spafinder and you can either wait for it to show up, email it or print it out. Perfect if you are last minute shopping. Just double check the spas available near mom to make sure she is getting the best selection for her day of peace and quiet!


If you are really looking to make mom happy it's all about putting your heart into what you give her. Whether it is as simple as hearing her say "I always wanted one of those" and then making her wish come true or by making something that you know will mean the world to her. Some of my favorite gifts from my kids are the times they make breakfast for me with dad and the projects they make in school...paper flowers, mugs and of course the card with the sweetest message in it. A little love can go a long way and sometimes mom just wants to know shes loved so get a little creative and don't forget the card!

I hope this has helped you at least think about Mother's Day and that it is just around the corner. Hopefully I can get in gear and get the moms in my life something special. Feel free to leave comments in Mom Talk on what you think the best Mother's Day gifts are.

Happy Shopping and Happy Mother's Day!

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