Fashion Trends Straight From Children's Books

Fashion is very unpredictable and you never know what's going to show up on the rack next time you go shopping. Well I realized designers can be inspired by pretty much everything, maybe even children's books?....

The latest trend is the new see-through jeans, yes we are talking The Emprorers New Clothes type of fashion and for only $100 you can show everything your mama gave you, talk about hump day. They are being sold by British clothing retailer TopShop. If these are a little too much for you, they are also selling a pair at Nordstrom and only the knees are clear. They are even named these the Clear Knee MOM Jeans. This kids book may be taking fashion to the extreme by showing more skin but if you're caught in the rain you'll stay dry and it will cut back on doing more laundry.

One of my favorite trends this season is all the colorful accessories. This brought to mind a book most moms may have had My First 100 Words. Every box is a bright color with a different object in it. Well this season colorful bags are all the rage and with Mother's Day around the corner I think I know what I want! Marc Jacobs has a great sling bag in purple or yellow and Michael Kor's has a the perfect tote (total "mom" bag) in blue. These everyday bags are definitely an added punch to any outfit but the fashion world has taken color all the way to evening styles. Heighten that simple black dress with a pop of color, check out The Clery by Louis Vuitton in orange. Color is always changing in fashion but the bold hues of today definitely look like they've been taken right from your kids library.

If your a mom of daughters then you most likely have heard of the Fancy Nancy books. This spring fashion is filled with touches of femininity and I am sure Nancy would approve. Ruffles, bows and pink galore...if you are a girly girl this season is right up your alley. Tommy Hilfiger included this sweet dress with a bow and it's available right at Macy's. Looking for something a little more dramatic, ruffle it up in this off the shoulder poplin top at Nordstrom. Every woman still has that little girl in them so make a statement this season with something girly.

Fashion is constantly changing and redefining who we are. As a mom don't hold back, show your true colors through your look plus you may even be channeling your children. Take inspiration from everything even your kids!

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