Mom Jeans...I don't think so!

Jeans are a staple in every woman's wardrobe but as soon as you put the word mom in front of it you think of the most unflattering pair of jeans. Well no more ladies...celebrity and model moms have been changing this mindset with showing off the hottest styles from ripped/washed to skinny and low-waisted. Recently Vogue Magazine posted an article (see below) showing off celebrity moms in their jeans and how the term "mom jeans" has changed.

The trends are constantly changing but denim will always be an easy go to...

High-waisted with a body suit and belt

Boyfriend, ripped jeans with a tee

Low-waisted with a crop top (show off those abs)

Skinny jeans with a long top/dress

Jean jacket over a sundress

And don't forget colored denim

The styles are endless and it's up to you to rock the perfect mom jean look - It's time to change fashions definition and be the stylish mom you are!

Every style brings a different look to any outfit and you can look sexy in them too so i decided to take the model mom challenge and throw on some jeans just like them (see below) it's your turn!

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