Creator MTSM
Hi! I'm Melissa, the Creator of MTSM

My name is Melissa. I was born and raised in northern NJ (approx 45 min outside NYC). I currently live in the same area I grew up in with my husband and two boys. I have been working for a family owned construction/janitorial business for about 6 years handling there finances and marketing needs. Prior to having my children and working for my current company I was a marketer for Avenue, plus size women's fashion retailer. My interest in fashion and marketing brought me to Avenue. I loved going to photo shoots, working with graphic designers on marketing campaigns and being able to see the inner workings of designing from conception to reality. Now after 6 years of being out of the fashion world and concentrating on my family and being able to provide for them I realized something was still personal love for clothes! I found that Instagram was the perfect outlet for me to share what I love and also motivate other moms to be who they want to be. Motherhood is challenging at times and I believe supporting each other can make not only our lives better but our families lives. Instagram helped me connect with a large group of people so I decided to expand this journey by creating this website as a place for moms to connect, learn and love. ENJOY!

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